Founded in 2003, The Wine Mover is led by a team of industry veterans with decades of experience in wine transportation, logistics, storage, handling, and collecting. We understand how to safely provide temperature-controlled, white glove, transport services to the private wine collectors, the wine industry and moving and relocation companies.

Because of that experience, The Wine Mover also knows each shipment is unique and in response has built a best in class network of temperature-controlled vehicles so we can solve even the most complicated of moves in an efficient manner and will provide a customized door-to-door solution to ensure that the wine remains under constant, ideal conditions.

As a collector, someone in the trade, or as a moving and relocation company being relied upon to transport a client’s wine, ensuring ongoing provenance during the transport of wine is essential. Don’t trust your wine collection to anyone but the experts at The Wine Mover. Whether moving across the state or across the country, The Wine Mover can assist in the packing, transportation and safe delivery of your wine collection. Whether you have 20 or 20,000 bottles, trust us to carefully ship your wine.