Do you have clients that have packages coming in on a daily basis? Two on Monday from FedEx. Ten on Tuesday from UPS. Maybe another fifteen on Wednesday between the two of them. Sound familiar?  Are a good amount of those packages coming from Napa & Sonoma wineries? If you answered yes, you’re in the majority. And those shipments coming in via Common carrier, are they temperature-controlled from door-to-door? Not a chance.

In short, your clients are paying significant amounts on shipping costs via a common carrier that isn’t even utilizing methods to ship via temperature controlled from door-to-door. Our aim is to provide a much more cost efficient process for collectors while utilizing best-in-class shipping methods via temperature controlled vehicles from our door to yours.

The Wine Mover SmartShip Program will give a facility’s clients the ability to consolidate and ship all of their Napa, Sonoma, and Bay Area purchases with door-to-door temperature-controlled shipment to their storage facility—all at a fraction of the cost vs common carrier. This Program will also provide your clients a simple and effective way to purchase, ship and store their wines in a more environmentally conscious manner.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The SSP is also an initiative that can drive new storage clients to the facility through our will-call pick up option.  Each storage facility can turn this non-storage, will-call aspect of the program into a way to drive new local collectors through your door and introduce them to your facility.

Here are the valuable benefits of becoming a receiving storage facility within The Wine Mover Consolidation Program.


The SmartShip Wine Program Improves Your Clients’ Experience…


Save Money

Temperature Controlled


Safely Handled


  • By saving money: The Wine Mover shipping rates are $35-50 per piece, depending upon where your facility is located in the country, providing your customers an average savings of over 60% vs the recommended 2-day expedited service
  • Via temperature-controlled, door-to-door shipments: We provide door-to-door, temperature-controlled shipments at a fraction of the cost of common carriers, preserving the quality of each bottle we ship.
  • By being assured of safe, secure process: Here at The Wine Mover, we ship wine and only wine, all day every day, which means we understand how it’s supposed to be transported. Your client’s shipments arrive at your storage facility intact, at ideal temperatures, palletized and shrink-wrapped.
  • By becoming eco-friendly: Because our shipments are temperature-controlled from door-to-door we eliminate the need for styrofoam-filled boxes, preserving natural resources and avoiding toxic waste. In addition, this removal of styrofoam provides 40% more space in your client’s storage lockers, again, saving them money.

The SmartShip Wine Program Improves Your Business…



Shipment Transparency


Save Space


Attracting New Collectors


  • With our inbound shipment transparency: We provide your facility with fully scheduled and accurate shipment dates. This way, you can better allocate staff when receiving shipments, rather than staffing for the unpredictability of size and timing of common carrier shipments.
  • By saving your facility space: We save you time and manpower by consolidating our shipments, enabling you to deal with fewer of them. In addition, our specialized shipping eliminates the need for wine to be packaged with bulky styrofoam-filled boxes. That means you can free up valuable floor space by using The Wine Mover for your shipments. The elimination of styrofoam not only benefits your facility, it benefits our planet by reducing waste, which reflects well on your business.
  • By differentiating your business:  For storage facilities, adding additional services, whether bundled with your current services or as an a la carte service can be great since it can differentiate you from your local wine storage competitors. The downside? It can also be costly. The Wine Mover SSP is a value-added service that can save your clients hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in shipping costs each year.
  • By driving new business through your door: Our service is free for facilities, and it can potentially add to your bottom line. As an added component to the SSP, we have provided the option and ability for non-storage clients in your metro area to participate in the program as well by shipping to your facility and picking up their wine. This added piece gives you even more benefits:
    • Introductions to collectors and potentially new storage customers within your metro area.
    • An incentive for non-storage customers to become a storage customer of yours in order to capture the ongoing, lower priced shipping option

Interested And Want More Info On The SSP?

Simply click on the link below to request more information on specific rates to your storage facility and how your facility can begin to participate in the SSWP.