Do you purchase wine from Napa or Sonoma Wineries?  In all likelihood, the answer to that question is – ‘Yes’.

Do you have those packages of wine being shipped via FedEx or UPS to your storage facility or home on a continual basis? And of those shipments coming in via common carrier to your home or facility, how much are you paying? And are they temperature-controlled? In all likelihood, no.

The Wine Mover has designed a program, SmartShip Wine Program, to handle wine purchases from Napa and Sonoma wineries, that provide significant savings for wine consumers while utilizing best-in-class shipping methods via temperature controlled vehicles from our door to your storage facility’s door. Don’t store your wine at a facility? Not a problem, with our will-call pickup option you can ship your wine directly to that facility and pick up there, or arrange for delivery to your home with your participating local facility.

The Wine Mover SmartShip Wine Program will give clients the ability to consolidate and ship all of these purchases with door-to-door temperature-controlled shipment to their participating storage facility—all at a fraction of the cost vs common carrier.


The Wine Mover SmartShip Wine Program Is


Save Money


Temperature Controlled



Safely Handled

  • Affordable: The Wine Mover shipping rates are $35-50 per piece, providing your customers an average savings of over 60% vs the recommended 2-day expedited service
  • Temperature-Controlled, Door-to-Door: We provide door-to-door, temperature-controlled shipments at a fraction of the cost of common carriers, preserving the quality of each bottle we ship.
  • Safe: Here at The Wine Mover, we ship wine and only wine, all day every day, which means we understand how it’s supposed to be transported. Your client’s shipments arrive at their storage facility intact, at ideal temperatures, palletized and shrink-wrapped.
  • Eco-Friendly: Because our shipments are temperature-controlled from door-to-door we eliminate the need for styrofoam-filled boxes, preserving natural resources and avoiding toxic waste. In addition, this removal of styrofoam provides 40% more space in your client’s storage locker, again, saving them money–which can be spent on more wine!


 SmartShip Wine Program Rates

$35 per piece for the following locations ($45 per piece for non-storage client, will-call pickups)

  • Chicago – The Chicago Wine Company
  • Dallas/Forth Worth –  Classic Wine Storage & Services (Dallas)
  • Dallas/Forth Worth –  Classic Wine Storage & Services (Fort Worth)
  • Dallas/Forth Worth –  Classic Wine Storage & Services (Southlake)
  • Denver/Boulder – Corkscrews Wine Storage (Denver)
  • Denver/Boulder – Corkscrews Wine Storage (Boulder)
  • Denver/Boulder – Corkscrews Wine Storage (Centennial)
  • Houston – Nos Caves Vin (Rice Village)
  • Houston – Nos Caves Vin (Memorial City)
  • Los Angeles – Jim Lewis & Assoicates
  • Phoenix/Scottsdale – Vinum 55 (Phoenix)
  • Phoenix/Scottsdale – Vinum 55 (Scottsdale)
  • Phoenix/Scottsdale – Vinum 55 (Chandler)
  • Seattle – Seattle Wine Storage

$40 per piece for the following locations ($50 per piece for non-storage client, will-call pickups)

  • Boston – International Wine Vaults (Stoughton)
  • Boston – International Wine Vaults (Framingham)
  • Charleston – Charleston Wine Vault
  • Charlotte – Cork Vault
  • New York/New Jersey – River Valley Wine Cellars
  • South Florida – Imperial Wine Storage


SmartShip Pickup Coverage Areas

The Wine Mover will pickup from:

  • Napa & Sonoma Wineries
  • Napa & Sonoma Fulfillment Houses

How It Works

The Wine Mover will communicate with you each step of the way so you know where your shipment is within the process detailed below:

  1. The Wine Mover picks up your purchases at The Winery or Winery Fulfillment House and an email notification is sent to you acknowledging the receipt of their package by The Wine Mover and providing you anticipated delivery date, delivery address information, and invoicing information
  2. Purchase(s) are consolidated at The Wine Mover Napa Facility
  3. Purchase(s) are transported via temperature-controlled trucks from The Wine Mover Napa Facility to your chosen wine storage facility, and an email notification is sent to you letting you know your wine is in transit to your chosen facility
  4. The Wine Mover will send email notification to you when your wine has arrived at your chosen wine storage facility


How Do I Get Started?

 To participate in The Wine Mover Consolidated Shipping Program please follow these instructions:

  1. If you haven’t already participated in The Program in the past, sign up via our online enrollment form providing your:
    1. Full Name
    2. Email Address
    3. Your Participating SSWP Storage Facility
  2. Contact all your Napa & Sonoma Wineries* with a request toRelease Your Wine For The Wine Mover SmartShip Wine Program and,
  3. Additionally, please copy The Wine Mover consolidation team at on your email communication to your vendors in order to track the release requests
  4. Upon your first consolidated shipment, a notification will be sent to you that your wine is ready for to ship. This communication will also prompt you to enter your secure billing information for payment. Once your billing information has been successfully added the shipment will be sent to your participating facility.

*Wineries can get extremely busy during their release period, please contact them as soon as possible so they can accommodate your request internally

Additional Policies:

  • Please be advised that a ‘piece’ is defined as any box size irrespective of the bottle quantity.   Therefore, please check with your wineries to consolidate your wine purchases when possible.
  • Please note that while we make every effort to send out consolidated shipments in the most expeditious manner possible, the timing can vary depending on the volume to your specific wine storage location and shipments will be made at the sole discretion of The Wine Mover.   If you need a certain piece earlier than that, please contact our team at and we will make our best efforts to find another appropriate shipping option.  Regular consolidation rates may not apply.

If you have any questions regarding The Wine Mover Consolidated Shipping Program don’t hesitate to contact our team directly at

Enroll In The SmartShip Wine Program

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Note: By enrolling in The Wine Mover’s CSP constitutes my agreement to all applicable Terms & Conditions